This bold winged eyeliner created on supermodel Joan Smalls by Sir John (Beyonce's Makeup Artist) is striking and the burgundy colour smoked underneath the bottom lashes adds dimension and softness. The rest of the makeup is in nude tones so that the focus is all on the eyes.

Julianne Moore


Makeup Artist Hung Vanngo has created a lovely metallic, bronze smokey eye with a soft, natural lip and cheek on Julianne Moore for a red carpet event. Her hairstylist Marcus Francis has pulled back the hair to show off her fabulous bone structure. A really beautiful and classic hair and makeup.



This sunscreen is recommended by Scott Barnes, JLo's makeup artist, and he uses it on her when they film outdoors to protect against the sun and create a lovely sheen on the skin. Neutrogena is a brand that always brings out solid, reliable products. This spray is perfect for those who don't want the hassle of rubbing in...



I'm really enjoying the BBC's Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star. All the young Makeup Artist's have so much talent and are coping well under the pressure. They've all had the luxury of 10 years of makeup tutorials on YouTube, something I would have relished when I first started out.



"What's your favourite mascara?" is a question I'm always asked and at the moment it's one so ridiculously cheap that I hope it never goes out of stock - the Essence I Love Crazy Volume mascara. It's £2.80 and if you want volume it does the job better than any other mascara.

Blue eyeshadow


This bold, editorial look was created by Makeup Artist itsalexboldea. It's definitely one for the catwalk and not for everyday (unless you're brave) but the blue eyeshadow looks great on the model's brown eyes.

This enormous hairpiece on 60's model Twiggy makes her look like a Barbie doll and accentuates her tiny frame. Great for a picture but looks like it would be very heavy to wear.